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The YCFL, Borough of Fort Lee, and LG Electronics USA are also planning to work together for the self-care and empowerment event to be held in 2019. In today’s age of instant information and constant deadlines, many Americans devote all their time and energy to their various jobs and tasks. Too often they fail to prioritize what is truly important to them: their personal well-being and health. As such, the Youth Council of Fort Lee would like to educate the local community by raising awareness of the issue in the form of a festival celebrating self-care. The event will be called You+ and will take place at the Fort Lee Community Center on Saturday, April 27, 2019 (Rain Date: April 28), from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.
The YCFL plans to address the various areas that comprise the notion of self-care, such as gender, environment, family, age, culture, home, and more. The ‘You+’ event will involve the invitation of food trucks, vendors, and tables for various group representatives to engage with members of the surrounding community. The YCFL would also like to incorporate live music, performances, and speakers to educate and entertain the community while celebrating personal empowerment.