About YCFL

The Youth Council of Fort Lee is a NJ-registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that consists of incoming 9th graders and high school students residing in Bergen County. The YCFL comes together with the common goal of spurring a positive change in Fort Lee area by helping to make our community even better than it already is. As engaged and deeply committed volunteers, YCFL members have the opportunity to discuss town issues and participate in community events and activities while they hone their leadership skills. YCFL members recognize how important service is to America’s overall success and identity and hope that their work inspires all who are looking to get involved, serve, and initiate positive change in their respective communities.

Official Cabinet 2018-2019

President: Brian Lee
Vice President: Gemma Hong
Secretary: Euwan Kim, Mariana Meriles
Treasurer: Dong Jun (Raphael) Lee
PR Manager/Mascot: Christian Chang
Advisor: Mr. Douglas Walden

William Chung, Joseph Hong, Gabriella Son, Eileen Park, Nicole Huh, Katherine Sturrock, Lea Son, Hyunsoo Kim, Andrew Kang, Patrick Puma, Daniel Park, Julia Yun, Laila Bosta,  Julie Song, Jeffrey Hong, Christina Lee, Nicholas Chung, Audrey Whang, Juri Altaouil, William Son, Gloria Park, Joonwon Yoon, Jun Hyuk Lee, Christopher Park, Janice Chung, Julia Park, Jason Lee, Julian Kim, Eric Zhou, Tiffany Kim, and Annie Guo

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