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Year-long Agenda (2022-2023)

The YCFL consists of youth in Bergen County who are focused on spurring a positive change in the world. We will communicate with community leaders, residents, or local organizations to raise funds and support for our goals and learn how to become valuable citizens along the way.

Here is our agenda for the year 2022-2023:

  • Hosting a YCFL Color Run event in Fort Lee to raise awareness of diversity / inclusion / equity and to support our community in collaboration with the Borough of Fort Lee and LG Electronics USA.  (Tentative date of event: Saturday, April 22 or April 29, 2023)
  • Participating in a variety of community services and activities as volunteers and/or participants to learn leadership skills and engage with different members of our community.
  • Recycling Bins Installations: locations (Recreation Center, Lewis F. Cole Middle School, and Main St Park)
  • Holding a student poster & poem contests for the commemoration of Comfort Women.
  • Holding the Fort Lee Comfort Women Memorial Commemoration in remembrance of the victims of sexual slavery during WWII (Constitution Park)